How much should you spend on clothes at a Pakistani wedding?

Pakistani weddings are class apart! There is a lot involved in their weddings. When it comes to culture, Pakistani culture is the most fascinating. Traditions at different events and occasions are quite interesting. If you have experienced their weddings, you know how much you can expect. However if you have not attended a Pakistani wedding before, it would be the most fascinating experience you have ever had. One thing that is often talked about is the Pakistani clothes on weddings.

Dresses at weddings are too fabulous and often very interesting. However, everyone dresses up differently in order to get a unique appearance. Also, you would see the ones dressed up differently get the most appreciation from others. So, you may think that Pakistani wedding dresses are quite expensive. This isn’t the case most times. You do need to spend on wedding clothes but not too much. Here is a little guide to Pakistani wedding clothes and their cost!

What to Expect at a Pakistani Wedding?

There is simply a lot to expect at a Pakistani wedding. There are several different occasions and events involved. Don’t think it is a simple event that lasts a day. Rather, weddings in Pakistan may last 4 to 5 days. This is because there are a lot of events covered during that period. In addition, there are many traditions one after the other.

Different Events Involved in the Wedding

Generally, there are two major events involved in Pakistani weddings, including the Barat and the Walima. These are the major occasions while Mehndi, Mayo, Maklawa are among other events involved in the wedding. Keep in mind, all these small events are as important as the major events.

Different Choice of Dresses For Different Events

What’s special about Pakistani weddings is the choice of dresses. Since there are several different events, you have to pick a different dress for a different event. Your best dress has to be worn on the Barat while the second best at the Walima. However, you need to have a different dress for every event.

Different Dresses Cost Differently

Since the choice of dress varies, the cost varies as well. If you buy a lehenga, it would be more costly compared to a maxi. So, the cost of your dress depends greatly on the type of dress. Also, it depends on the material, fabric and additional things added to the dress.

Men’s Wedding Dresses Vs Women’s Wedding Dresses

Pakistani clothes are not only different for different events for women only, men do need to dress up differently as well. So, the cost for dresses also varies for men. For men, there are waistcoats, prince coasts, sherwani and more, and each of them cost differently.

How Much Should You Spend on Clothes?

Finally, when deciding how much you should spend on Pakistani clothes for weddings, consider the factors like the type of event and the dress you should wear. Therefore, it can’t be suggested how much you should spend.  Follow the trends and buy wedding dresses that are not too heavy on your wallet.

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