How to choose a domain name for website in 2021

Hey guys. what’s up. I am going to teach you, How to choose a domain name. In 2021, The whole world in the covid virus. At this time all of our peoples want to earn money online. If you want to earn money online, then you should be chosen to blog. For creating a blog You need to choose a domain name. This is very important for website owners. It means who wants to earn money online by websites.

Ok, keep reading. Before you design a killer blog, you need to choose a domain name — and find a place to host it. A domain name is what users type into the address bar to get to your website. It’s your home base for your entire brand.

The best domain names are not the funny ones or the flashy ones; they are the domain names that people remember easily. Good domain names also help Google know what your blog is about.

For example, “infozone24” is a blog about news and blogging in any niche. the name doesn’t tell what the website is about.

Through Bluehost, you can both purchase your domain name (actually make it yours) and make use of their web hosting services.

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