How to Establish a Furniture Manufacturing Business

If you are a skilled craftsman and you have enough money to arrange workspace, machinery etc, you can start your own furniture making business. It is good to become an entrepreneur/employer instead of becoming a general employee. Furniture manufacturing business is a profitable business, if you know this job well.

Establishment of a Furniture Manufacturing Business:

  • At first, think a name of your furniture manufacturing company
  • Then, arrange a small working space, some technicians  and some hand tools
  • After that, start to manufacture some home furniture in small scale and display them on your own showrooms and others’ showrooms for feedback
  • If the feedback from market is good enough, try to make a master plan to make your furniture manufacturing business larger.
  • If you do not have enough money in your hand or in your bank account, you can apply for business loan (SME loan).
  • After obtaining loan, consult with furniture manufacturing consultant(s) to discuss about your well planned production line.
  • Establish your furniture manufacturing industry as per consultants decision/planning. Consultant will give an operation layout, necessary machinery and manpower.

<img src="Bathroom Furniture.jpg" alt="Bathroom Furniture">

  1. As per decision of consultant, go for buying of furniture manufacturing machinery. You can import furniture manufacturing machinery from Europe (especially from Germany, Italy) or at least you can buy from Taiwan (not from China).
  2. After buying & installing machinery, recruit necessary operators, technicians and supervisors for your furnituremanufacturing company. You can recruit fresher also in parallel with skilled. Because, skilled manpower is costly and you can make them (Fresher) skilled through proper training on the job.
  3. Start to make better quality, better finished furniture with the help of your modern furniture manufacturing machinery and skilled manpower.
  4. Spread the whole world that you have quality handmade furniture for sale. Make some fliers and business cards to hand out to everyone you know. Put your furnituremaking company’s name on these cards and fliers and your contact information.
  5. Establish your presence on the Internet. Build a simple website (or get someone to do it for you) and upload some pictures of your selective furniture designs which you want to offer. Make sure to put your contact information on the website.

And, that is all. Best of luck.

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