How to get content ideas for your website using Facebook in  2021

In 2021 we are thinking that all guys create content and publish content on google but how can we get content ideas. We want to tell you you can’t get content ideas easily without reading the blog post. There are many types of ways to create content and get content ideas for your blog. Today we will know how we can generate 100% rank higher content ideas from Facebook. To find content ideas read the full blog and Please comment below to let us know about your problem. We will assist you at any time.

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Get Content Ideas from Facebook. Follow some step’s

The first method to find content ideas from Facebook

  1. When you have a Facebook account then go to the search option of Facebook and search about your topic example: freelancing or content marketing or health or food etc.
  2. Choose a keyword and search on Facebook around your keyword.
  3. After searching you will see some groups in your keyword.
  4. Then join in these groups
  5. After joining in these groups; active on these groups and make your mentality to find content ideas .  
  6. You will see some questions about your topic or keyword .  And search on google about these questions after researching you can write an article in your topic and publish . After publishing you should share the link from your platforms and go  to the comment box of these posts and write 35% from your article  and recommend her to visit these sites and read more .

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Second method is You can create a Facebook page and create a question and answer it can helps you to get more traffic and authentic content idea . keep it up .


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