How to Get Your First Job as a Freelancer?

If you’re looking for advice on how to get your first job as a freelancer, read this blog post!
I’ll share with you the mistakes I made and what I learned from them. This will help you avoid making the same mistakes and getting discouraged when starting out in this field.
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Now the topic: “How to Get Your First Job as a Freelancer?” starts from here. Getting the very first job in various freelancing platform like, upwork or seems quite tough and this is a real disappointing phenomena but sadly true to the newcomers. I have read lots of posts and comments about how many days they have been trying to manage a job and how long they had to wait for their very first job. Actually, the Buyers or Clients (who posts work) always look for an expert on their chosen area. They like to hire the best freelancers to get their tasks done which is very natural as everybody and even you (if you were a buyer) will expect it. Nobody wants to spend their money for an unprofessional output.

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But, here are some proven and most recommended ways to get your very first Job in freelance marketplace easily:-

  • Complete Your Profile First: Before applying to any Job; don’t forget to complete your profile with as much information as you own. While you apply for a job; the first thing a buyer do is to check your profile. They evaluate how much professional you are and how much dedicated you can be for your next freelance jobs. An incomplete profile causes a serious bad impression which will drive your buyers bounced from your profile. Listen, they are hiring you to do freelance work for their business where professionalism matters.
  • Use a Real Photo on Your Profile: Nobody wants to hire a scam worker. You must have to prove yourself as a real person to whom the buyers will feel comfortable to deal with. Thus, adding a real and nice looking photo on the profile picture section might increase your authentication rate and the chances of being hired.
  • Accumulate As Much Works History As You Can: In the portfolio section of your profile; add as much accomplished work list as you can. The more works in your portfolio, the better chances to be hired. Buyers always look for an expert and in your end, the more works you have done the higher experienced and expert you are. So, accumulate your work’s link from outside of the freelancing sites (your local clients or self developed projects) and add these as your accomplished jobs.

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  • Participate on Tests Related to your Expertise: As you are going to build your career in freelancing World; you already owned a skill. So, participate as many tests as you can that are freely provided by some popular Freelance Marketplaces like and Freelancer.Com. These tests will recognize you as an expert in your arena.
  • Write Powerful & Enticing Cover Letter: Make your cover letter as descriptive as you can. But don’t use any unrelated and fluffy words to make your cover letter too long. Highlight your recently accomplished related jobs of this project and mention how successful you are in this Jobs sector. Give your buyer a clue about how you will accomplish this job at step by step process if you are hired and let him also know that how well you have understood his project. Attach some links of your previous related work and mention how fast and efficiently you can do this work for him.

These above mentioned tips are the surefire ways to get the very first freelancing jobs in various freelance marketplaces. Follow the tips and start a sweet money making journey today.

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