How to help your friend who is suffering from the loss of her sister

Deaths are one of the most transformative incidents in one’s life. It brings drastic changes and forces us to adjust to unfavorable environments. The feeling of loss of our loved ones tears us apart. The pain blindfolds the ability to think and react and drifts us abruptly from the right directions of the path of our life.

If your close ones or friend is suffering from such loss, never fail to be at their side whenever they need you. At this heartbroken moment, he/she needs your love and your support. Losing a sister is overwhelming as she has always been a companion, secret-keeper, and second mother. She was the pillar of your life, and after losing her the feeling of intense pain cages the heart. After all, many people consider their sister as their best friend. She is the first one to whom they wanted to share their happy moments or sad moments.

You would be wondering if you can help your friend to bear this painful moment. You won’t be able to fix the loss, but you can alleviate the burden of pain by showing your concerned condolences to them.

You would find yourself stuck in between the thoughts of what to say and what not to say. Don’t feel pressure to say perfect things at the time. Offering your listening ears would do great help. Be open to their thoughts, whether they are willing to share their feelings or not. Don’t take it personally if they refuse to talk. Accept their way of grieving as the way of mourning and the amount of time to mourn vary from person to person.          

Expressing your sympathy might work best for the sufferer. Remember they are going through intense sorrow, don’t push yourself hard to cheer them up or lighten the mood. The loss has filled their heart with unbearable pain, growing rage and anger and also with guilt. These conflicting emotions are the normal part of grieving. Focusing on offering your comfort instead of your perfect words might be great.

Sometimes we find it difficult to say words which won’t trigger their emotions. If you cannot come up with the words to comfort them, suggest some quotes on the condolence message on the death of the sister. The sympathetic words might help her.

Further, you can show your kindness by offering small help like helping them with a chore or doing something that might relieve the pressure on their shoulder. You can show your concern by writing a sympathy card for them.

You can help her with the arrangements at the funeral like preparing guests lists, etc. Give your friend time and space to cope up with the feelings. Let them grieve at their own pace. Along with your friend, the family is also grieving, you can also put forward your helping hands to them.

Mostly, the grief of siblings is overshadowed by the grief of parents. The people around might neglect the feelings of the younger ones and the parents overwhelmed by their grief might not be able to pay attention to their children. You can comfort her by understanding her the way he/she is and showing that you care for them and also can share interactive social media posts for guiding them on the right path.

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