How to Refurbish Wooden Furniture Grooves and Cracks

When you manufacture wooden furniture you may see some cracks, knots, grooves etc on the wooden furniture surface and cracks, knots and grooves are a common problem of wooden furniture manufacturing, especially if the wood is old or is excessively used. If you make furniture with natural wood, it is also natural that you can see some cracks, grooves, knots, gouges etc. But, to get better surface finish of your wooden furniture you must remove them anyhow. But, question is how to refurbish or repair wooden furniture grooves and cracks. Do not worry! It is not a difficult job. To eliminate such defects you have to follow some guidelines just. Some basic restorations techniques may eliminate these kinds of problems.

Refurbishing Process of Wooden Furniture Grooves and Cracks:

For very tiny holes and cracks, like staple holes, wood-tone putty sticks may be used. If you can’t match the wood color, a few of colors can be mixed together to get the matching. To utilize a wood-tone putty stick, wipe it across the groove and make smooth the wood surface with your finger. If you make a plan to refinish the wood, let the wood putty dry for at least two hour before proceeding next.

For bigger cracks & holes, adhesive mixed saw dust and water base wood putty are the good fillers. These types of fillers may be applied on raw or finished timber surface. Wood putty is available in several colors, and saw dust can be tinted with oil or water base stain.

Water Base Wood Putty apllication Process

How to Use Saw Dust for filling Gaps and Grooves

To use saw dust or wood dust for filling the gap, gouges, grooves etc, mix some water base adhesive with wood dust and make a pest.  After that apply that pest on grooves, holes etc especially where holes are larger. You should select correct saw dust for better color matching; otherwise, you have to match color manually by polishing with stain. After applying saw dust pest, keep it dry for 2-3 hours (It is better to keep it for 24 hours). Then, sand it properly with Sand paper 80 grit.

How to Use Wood Putty for filling Gaps, Cracks and Grooves

Water base wood putty should be used where gap, cracks or groove is small. In such cases, apply water base wood putty on the wood surface and keep it dry for about 2-3 hours. After that, sand it properly with Sand paper grit-180. You can use tinted water base wood putty or wood putty can be toned with oil or water stains. But in case of toned water putty, you’ll have to make some experiment to come up with a perfect color match. To use water base wood putty, you can mix some powder with water base putty to the consistency of putty.

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