How to Serve Sweet Mango – Top 10 Mango Serving Style

Mango is the most delicious fruit in the world. To Serve sweet mango for eating is an art. If you use an art to serve mango, people may like you. No people is available in the world who does not like to eat mango. It is a delicious fruit. It has wonderful color, taste & aroma. Serving arts attracts people to eat mango.

People can cut & serve mango in different ways. They can cut mango in many shapes, styles & sizes and can serve mango with fork/spoon. People can eat mango with rice & milk also. Eating mango with rice & milk is a very tasty & favorite food in the world also.

Mango can be served into juice form. It can eaten with ice & without ice.  Prepare yourself to serve mango to your family members & guests according to the following styles.

Let us see how to cut and serve mango in amazing ways;

Mango Serving Style – 1:

mango like amra fruit
Eat Mango Fruit Like Hog Plum (Amrha) Fruit. Amazing way !!!

Mango Serving Style – 2:

Another Amazing Style of Mango Cutting
Another Amazing Style of Mango Cutting

Mango Serving Style – 3:

Mango Cutting like Pine Apple
Mango Cutting Like Pine Apple Cutting Style

Mango Serving Style – 4:

mango stle1

Mango Serving Style – 5:

mango styel

Mango Serving Style – 6:


Mango Serving Style – 7:

mango with Rice

Mango Serving Style – 8:

mango serving style

Mango Serving Style – 9:

mango berger

Mango Serving Style – 10:

mango style2

These are top 10 ways to serve mango to your family & guests. Other than above 10 styles, there may have a lot of styles. But, if you follow the above 10 styles, it will attracts people to eat mango. Cheers!

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