How to setup Wp Rocket on my WordPress website

Hey! guys Do you want to get traffic to your website? Do you want to earn more money? In this position, you should be optimizing your website speed. I know that you are finding the best solution to improve user experience and increase website speed. I want to say you, that, Wp rocket is the best solution for page speed. Today we are sharing a topic about How to setup Wp Rocket on my WordPress Website.

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Ok follow me . I am sharing the details about How to setup Wp Rocket on my WordPress website.

Wp Rocket

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How to setup Wp Rocket?

Purchase WP Rocket and download from wp rocket website. Install this on your website. Then activate it. It is the time to get started.

Go to the wp rocket option on your wordpress site. then select the cache option.

How to setup Wp rocket? this article is started from here


  • Enable caching for mobile devices.
  • Enable separate cache files for mobile devices.
  • I recommend you that disable the user cache.
  • The user cache option should be set up on default settings
  • then save changes.

File optimization:

  • enable CSS minify
  • Enable combine CSS file
  • enable Optimize CSS Delivery
  • you can enable all option’s of file optimzation. But some times your site will be break down and your ads couldn’t display. So we recommend that keep default the js file optimization
  • Save Changes.

If you Enable the js file optimization fully. Then your site speed will be improve up to 90%


  • Enable for images
  • Enable iframe and videos
  • enable Replace YouTube iframe with preview image.
  • Enable Add missing image dimensions
  • keep defaults setup on the embeds option
  • enable Webp Compatibility when you are using Imagify.


  • Enable Activate Preloading
  • Enable Activate sitemap-based cache preloading
  • Enable Yoast SEO XML sitemap
  • Enable link preloading
  • keep default others
  • Save changes

Advanced Rules

Keep default this option


  • Enable Revisions of post cleanup
  • disable auto draft cleanup
  • enable Trashed posts cleanup
  • Enable spam comments clean up
  • Enable Trashed comments cleanup
  • enable all options of Transients Cleanup
  • keep default other options in this directory
  • And Save changes


Keep default If you are not using cdn


  • enable control heartbeat
  • keep default other’s
  • save changes

Keep default other option’s. You should be install imagify and you can add cloudflare

Your site’s speed is good now! I think after reading this article you have some questions. You can send your question’s in the comment box. I will help you in online or in offline. But If you think this article “it means “How to setup Wp Rocket on my WordPress website” is so good . Then sent a review and a good comment.See you with an another article


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