How To Transfer Your WordPress Site From One Host To Another

Hi, My Dear Friends, How are you? I hope you all are fine. Today I will tell how how to transfer your wordpress site/files from local host to remote host. Normally, in the beginning, we start blogging or we start to develop our blog into local host.  To work in local host, we, generally use Xammp or Wamp software.After developing our site into local host, we change it or transfer it to remote host. Sometimes, we have to change remote host server also. To change host server, we need to follow some guidelines. Now-a-days, you see, a lot of jobs are obtained in oDesk or related to it. That is why, you should know it well also. So let us see how to do it:

  • At first Take a Backup of Your Database:To transfer your WordPress site from one host to another host, your first task is to take backup of your database. To do this, you need to go to PhpMyAdmin. From PhpMyAdmin, you have to select your database and then, click on Export tab. Then, a page will be opened to download your wordpress database.  From that page, click on “Go” by selecting “Save as File”. After that, your database file will be downloaded.  Now, your backup process is completed.
  • Next, Upload Your WordPress Files To Host Server: Now you have to upload your WordPress files to the remote host server. In this case, you have to download first from existing host server (if it is not local host). you can use FTP software like Filezila as Filezila is a good and popular FTP software in the world. After downloading WordPress files, upload them into remote host server through Filezila. If you have created your WordPress site into local host, in such case, upload from there where you have installed WordPress. To upload to the remote host, it may take some time depends on size of your wordpress site and speed of your internet connection. After uploading them, works of old server or local host is ended. Then , we have to start our next work by taking new host server.
  • Create Your New Database into New Host Server: Now create your new database into new host server. To do this, go to your new host server through Cpanel and then go to MySQL Database. Going there, put a name of your database into the “Create New Database” field and then click onCreate Database”. In this way, your database will be created. Then, you have to create a new “MySQL User”. To do that go to “Add A New User” field and put your user name and password into this field and then click on “Create User”. Then,  a new Database user will be created. After that, tag your new database with your New Database User. To do that go to “”Add user To Database” field, and then, select your new created user from User field and select your new created database from Database field and then click on “Add”. In this way, your New Database will be tagged with New Database User.  Next, a page will come out named “Manage User Privileges”. From this page, you have to select “All privileges” . Then click on “Make changes” tab. If everything is OK, you will get a confirmation. And, by this steps, you have finished your new database creation process.


How To Transfer Your WordPress Site From One Host To Another
How To Transfer Your WordPress Site From One Host To Another New Host
  •  Install or Upload Old Database into New Database: Now your first work will be uploading or installing old database into new database. To do so, go to PhpMyAdmin of new host server through your Cpanel. Then, check your new database name in PhpMyAdmin. Click on this database name and then go to “Import Tab”. Then, check your new database name in PhpMyAdmin. Click on this database name and then go to “Import Tab”. After that, browse your Text File (Old Database) and select and then, click on “Go”.  Wait for few minutes to upload. After successful uploading, you will receive a confirmation message. You may have to wait for few minutes, normally, it depends on size and your internet speed
  •  Slight Change in Your New Database Table: This option is applicable for those people who created their site into their local host. Because, you know you have used your site URL like this http://localhost/yoursitename into your local host.  But, as you are changing its places to new location, new host server (Remote Host Server), you have to configure something into your new database table.  To do so, at first, click on “wp_options” by going to your new database. Then click on “Browse” tab where you will see a column named “siteurl. In that column, click on http://localhost/yoursitename  and edit the name of URL. In this field, you have to write your domain URL like   Next, click on “Go” tab,  and “save” it.  After saving it, go to page number 02. In that page, you have to change a value. Go to page 02 and then, scroll down, you will find a option named “Home”. Edit that like before. Then, click on “Go” tab and “Save” it, again. Now it is OK, your database installation is finished.
  • Finally, Edit Your wp-config.php File: At last, go to your public_html folder through Cpanel and edit wp-config.php file as per following below:

                  Database Name :YourNew Database Name”

                  User Name : “Your New User Name”

                  Database Password : “Your New Database Password”

Then, save your wp-config.php file. By this last step, your wordpress site changing from one host to another host will be completed. I hope, this post will help you a lot to change (transfer) your wordpress site from one host to another host or local host to remote host server. If you find anything wrong, please, make a comment also with your valuable suggestions.

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