How You can Make a Dining Set with Solid Timber

Dining set is important furniture for a home or a restaurant. It is very common to household people. It can be made of Timber or Steel and upholstery. You can make a chair with solid timber also. You can make a dining chair with Teak, Oak or Ash wood. But these woods are very costly. You can make a dining chair with the cheapest solid wood which is very similar to Oak and Teak timber. This timber is called MTeak wood or Treated Mango wood or Treated and Seasoned Mango wood. After proper chemical treatment, MTeak becomes similar to Oak and Teak wood. Now I will discuss step by step how to make a dining chair with solid Mteak Wood.

  • At first, re-saw treated mango timber as per required sizes and as per design with Band Saw and Rip saw machine.
  • Then, make them plane with Jointer Planer and Thickness Planer machine to obtain required thickness of the dining chair parts.
  • Next, you need to sand all chair parts (sized timber) with Belt Sander machine to remove sharp edge.
  • Then, make male and female part of the chair components with Rectangular Tenoner machine & Oscillation Mortiser machine for the purpose of joining.
  • Next, ready all part of the chair for assembling or joining
  • Join them all together with water base adhesive (Synthetic Resin Adhesive) and in this case, you can use F-clamp, Bar clamp, Belt clamp etc. You can use wooden Dowel Pin and screw also for joining.
  • Stay it for 8-12 hours. Your dining chair is now ready for painting or lacquering.
  • Next, sand this chair properly and apply PU lacquer on it and see that how it looks! You can polish on it also instead of lacquer application.

By this way, you can manufacture all types of solid wooden dining chair as well as solid wooden furniture. Most of the furniture manufacturing companies follow all above steps.

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