How you can Refinish Lacquer Finished Furniture

Good appearance is an important issue for any furniture as it is a fashion and stylish product. And, to get good appearance, good finishing is important. Furniture can be finished in different processes. Though furniture is finished excellently but after using for sometime it may be refinished again. Otherwise, it may look ugly. So refinishing of your furniture after a certain time is very important like your garments products

At first, set your work region. The region must be very well ventilated so that dust cannot deposit. Dust is the main enemy of lacquering. You must remember it all time.

Next, sand your furniture with 80-grit or 120-grit sandpaper to remove existing lacquer chemical from the surface. As you have sanded, clean your furniture with lint-free towel. End sanding process with the good quality 180-grit sandpaper. Remember that, you must sand two times before lacquering with 02 grits of papers – one is higher grit and another is lower grit. As a good sand paper you can use Hermes Brand-Germany or Fuji Star Brand-Japan. You can use Klingspore or MIRKA brand sand paper also. Perfect sand paper is always important, otherwise, scratch may be generated on the surface of furniture. Then, apply sealer mixture with a spray gun as a primary coat for refinishing process and keep it for drying / curing for 1-2 hours. After that, sand properly with Fuji-Star brand 240 Grit Sand paper. Next, clean again with compressed air and lint-free towel and apply stain with spray gun or brush.

Keep your just stained furniture till the stain is completely dry out. When the stain is really dried or cured, apply the final coat i.e. PU Top Coat with spray gun. Keep the top coated furniture for 2-8 hours for drying. You can touch it after 2 hours but should not touch it before 8 hours. And, wrap it with packaging material after 24 hours.

Your refinishing job is completely and perfectly done. In such way, you can refinish all wooden lacquered furniture.

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