Ikea modern home furniture shop

IKEA Furniture Manufacturing Company

IKEA Furniture Manufacturing Company started its business from its region in Sweden. They opened their first store with their furniture in Almhult, Smaland in the year of 1958. With their quality and dignity to work, they reached in a good rank in the people’s mind and would able to continue their furniture manufacturing business outside of Sweden as well. They opened their store outside of Sweden in 1963 in Norway and during 1969 in Denmark. During the 1970s, the stores of this famous furniture manufacturing company spread other parts of Europe. IKEA Furniture Manufacturing Company has also opened their brand store in Germany and Switzerland for recovering the demand of their furniture.

Ikea modern home furniture shop

The main manufacturing factory of IKEA Furniture Manufacturing Company is in Sweden near to the store. However, to cope up with the demand of the overseas, they also start furniture-manufacturing factory in other parts of the world as well. It is not possible for anyone to count down the number of stores of the brand but the world finest and popular stores of IKEA Furniture Manufacturing Company are situated in Stockholm Kungens Kurva, Sweden, Tianjin in China, Shanghai in China, Berlin in Germany and Shenyang in China.

Popularity of Ikea Furniture:

IKEA Furniture Manufacturing Company has already gained the world popularity in the furniture field and therefore, regarded as one of the TOP CLASS FURNITURE MANUFACTURING COMPANY. This furniture manufacturing company also ranked TOP during 2004 and 2005 in the WORKING MOTHERS MAGAZINE.

The main business of IKEA Furniture Manufacturing Company is to manufacture furniture with proper quality and desgin and sell them in the market as well as export in different stores of the brand those are spread throughout Europe. Kitchen furniture, living room furniture, outdoor furniture, dinning furniture, office furniture is some of the main products of the furniture manufacturing. The official website of IKEAFurniture Manufacturing Company has more than 12,000 furniture with detail.

IKEA Furniture Manufacturing Company has global expansion from a long time and good name for wooden furniture. From a report of 2012, it is said that IKEA Furniture Manufacturing Company ranked in the third position for using wood for home furniture and Lowe’s.

Design and Finishes of Ikea Furniture:

This furniture manufacturing company mostly uses wood for furniture and sometimes-different types of materials to support wooden furniture. Therefore, the quality and design of furniture got world reorganization as well as good strength. There is no proof against IKEA Furniture Company as it always use the environmental materials to avoid any type of mismatched with ecology.

The main specialty of furniture of this furniture manufacturing company is that they always use the perfect design and shape for each of the furniture. Therefore, the furniture always adjusts with any place. Moreover, the company always used to give automatic finishing to most of the furniture. Therefore, they looks very attraction and without any finishing problem. Another one is that furniture are the best in quality but available in affordable cost.

IKEA Furniture Company has opened a new area for people to get the best quality furniture for any purpose. Online purchase system and shipping arrangement add a new welfare hand to the worldwide people. Why you are looking anywhere else for your home furniture avoiding world top class Furniture Company?

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