Importance of Oak Wood on Furniture Manufacturing

Oak wood is a strong, dense hard wood that is important for furniture manufacturing due to a number of qualities. It is a slightly coarse wood imbedded with a heavy grain which turns a darker shade of honey brown with age. Oak wood is important for furniture manufacturing because it can resist fungal and insect attack, and once the oak furniture is crafted, it can last for generations.

There are more than six hundred species of oak trees and not all are suitable for making oak furniture. Some of the many types of oak wood suitable include the northern red oak, which grows throughout United States and Canada. There are several other types of oak woods commonly used in contemporary furniture manufacturing. Tiger Oak wood is a bit more stripy than most varieties, Pippy Oak wood has markings like a cat’s paw, Burr Oak wood is similar to Pippy Oak wood in appearance but more dense. Bog Oak wood is a naturally dark shade that is rare and so used less frequently. It has to be preserved in peat bog for hundreds of years before being used. Needless to say, oak wood furniture made from Bog Oak is very expensive.

Oak wood is equally good for making outdoor patio furniture or in door furniture for the bedroom or drawing room. Its reputation for strength and beauty make it popular among furniture buyers and its open wood grains allow it to blend well with other furniture in the house.

Oak wood is most commonly used in American and English furniture styles, but it can easily be used in any style of furniture due to its popular appeal. Unfinished Oak wood furniture is very popular for outdoor pieces. If desired it may be coated with clear urethane after the furniture manufacturing process, allowing the grains and patterns to shine through. Oak wood furniture also stains very well allowing for desirable shades to be created.

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