Importance of Rubber Wood on Making Malaysian Furniture

The importance of rubber wood in Malaysian furniture manufacturing has just been realized recently. The ‘Hevea Brasiliensis’ or rubber wood tree was initially planted for the latex it produced and at the end of its 25-30 year life cycle it was sold to be burned as fuel. Now the rubber wood is used in making furniture after the tree has stopped producing latex. The felled rubber wood trees are replaced by planting new trees to replace the ones used.

The rubber wood now is harvested on a large scale due to its importance in furniture manufacturing. It has many qualities that make it ideal for the purpose. Rubber wood has the strength of the strongest woods due to high speck density, while maintaining a softness that allows for easy cutting and furniture crafting. It is eco friendly because the rubber wood tree furniture is made from a recycled tree, after it has finished its primary function of producing latex. It is naturally resistant to fungus attacks and cheaper than most woods with similar qualities.

Whether it is a dining set, cooking utensils or a computer desk, rubber wood with its naturally light color looks great on majority of the finishes. Rubber wood is very light in weight, so furniture made from it can be moved around the house with ease. It is a seasoned wood and hence, has very little shrinkage. Temperature changes do not have any significant effect on it.

Malaysian rubber wood is put in the hardwood category belonging to the maple family. It hardly ever warps or gets cracks during or after the furniture manufacturing process. Hence, it is the ideal material for the function. Being a hard wood, furniture pieces made from rubber wood rarely get scratched, and are durable and long lasting. In looks, it shares characteristics similar to those of oak, with visible grains and light color adding to its natural beauty.

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