Indian VISA Appication Directly Now – No E-Token

At last Indian High Commission decided that Bangladeshi Citizens do not require E-token anymore to apply for Indian Visa. Any citizen of Bangladesh can directly apply to Indian High Commission Bangladesh Offices after applying online. They have to fill up the VISA application form just.  So no more delay for E-Token.
From 1st February 2015, direct application (after filling online application form) will be received at the Indian High Commission Bangladesh Offices for applying VISA except Tourist category. Yesterday, Indian Visa application center (IVAC) informed this news. Right now, you have to get E-Token number (with specific appointment date) before apply to Indian Visa application centers. From February 2015, no appointment date will be required anymore to apply for Indian Visa except Tourist Visa category.
From 1st January 2015, direct application was accepted for Treatment/Medical Visa category.
To make easy the Indian Visa application process for the Bangladeshi citizens, IVAC took this decision.
For more details about Indian VISA application, go through the following link also:

Apply for Indian VISA for Bangladeshi Citizens

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