Indian Visit VISA for Bangladeshi Citizen

Indian Visit VISA for Bangladeshi citizen is going to be easy soon. Indian Govt. has already planned for that. They are thinking on arrival VISA for Bangladeshi Citizens also like other developed countries. However, let us know details of Indian Visit VISA requirements for Bangladeshi Citizen. You can easily get appointment date for Indian Visit Visa from the below link.

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General Documents Required for Indian Visit VISA (all categories) :

Please be informed that your Indian Visit VISA application must be submitted with the following basic documents:

  1. Passport: Original Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months (as on the date of submission of application for visa)   (The passport must have at least 02 blank pages. Photo Copy of the passport (first 04 pages and endorsement of extension of validity if any) must be attached. All old passports must have to be submitted with the Indian VISA application form.)
  2. Photo: One Latest (not less than 3 months old) PP-size color photo depicting full face;
  3. Proof of Residence: A copy of National ID Card and Utility Bill such as Water bill, mobile Phone Bill, Electricity Bill, Telephone, or Gas)
  4. Proof of Profession: Certificate from the employer if you are a employee. (In case of students, copy of Identity card from the educational institution must to be attached.)
  5. Proof of Financial Soundness: Endorsement of foreign currency equivalent to minimum USD 150/- per applicant and/or copy of international credit card and/or updated bank statement, to show you have sufficient balance to finance travel.”
  6. Online VISA Application Form: Online Visa Application form which has both BGDD Registration No. and date of appointment with time.

These above all documents are very common for all people. But, based on VISA category, you may need additional documents for the Indian Visit VISA.

Indian Visit Visa application Process for bangladeshi

Additional Documents for General Tourist VISA:

Normally the general documents are enough for general tourist VISA for Bangladeshi citizens. However, if they want, you have to submit the followings:

(i) Business Card : Business Card/Visiting card in Your Name (optional, if they ask)

(ii) Credit Card Bill: In case of International Credit Card Endorsement Documents Submission, you may have to show the latest bill of the credit card.

Additional Documents for Indian Visit Business VISA:

In addition to the general/basic documents, the application for the Business VISA category must be supported by the following documents:

(i) Business Card: It must present the Name, Address and Contact numbers of Applicant’s business establishment in Bangladesh;

(ii) Invitation Letter: A letter from the sponsoring organization/company from India;

(iii) Letter of Recommendation: A letter of recommendation from a recognized Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh (updated copy);

(iv) Business Transaction Documents: A copy of the Letter of Credit (L/C) pertaining either to the last business transaction or the impending business transaction with an Indian company;

(v) Trade License: A copy of Trade License with renewal copy.

(vi) TIN Certificate: Latest Income tax Certificate of your company/ TIN of your company (optional, if they ask)

(vii) Memorandum: If your company is new and not popular. (optional, if they ask)

(viii) Company ID/Office ID Card: It is also optional but you need to be prepared.

Additional Documents for Indian Medical VISA:

Persons visiting India to get medical treatment require the following documents.

(i)  General Documents and

(ii) Medical certificate, in original, from recognized hospitals/ doctors indicating in detail the medical condition of the patient;

(iii) Recommendation from the attending doctor for availing treatment abroad in case of first visit;

(iv) recommendation from the attending doctor in India in case of continued treatment in India;

(v) In case of hospitalization or long term treatment, proof of financial resources, as indicated below, may be sought: (a) Bank statements for last 6 months. (b) Solvency certificate from Bank.

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Indian Visit VISA & Documents Required

Indian Visit Visa processing fees for Bangladeshi Citizens (Updated on 15th Aug 2014):

Visa processing fee has been revised by High Commision of India in Bangladesh with effect from 15th August, 2014. The revised fees is as under:

Indian Visa Application Centre Visa Processing Fee (In Taka) per application
Gulshan, Dhaka 600
Motijheel, Dhaka 600
Chittagong 600
Sylhet 700
Khulna 700
Rajshahi 600

Preparing for Your Indian Visit VISA Application:

Learn details from the Below Link about the preparation for your Indian Visit Visa.

Preparing for your visa application

Details of Indian Visit Visa Application Centers (Gulshan, Dhaka):

Indian Visa Application Centers (Gulshan, Dhaka)

” Lake View “
House # 12, Road # 137, Gulshan-1
Dhaka -1212, Bangladesh.

Tel: 00-88-02-9893006, 8833632
Fax: 00-88-02-9863229
Cell: 0171 3389499

Receipt of application: 08.00-13.00 hrs
VPF(Per applicant): BDT 400
Delivery of passport(On specifed date): 16.00 hrs-19.30 hrs

Indian Visa Application Centre (Motijheel, Dhaka)

State Bank of India
Shadharon Bima Bhaban, 24-25, Dilkusha C/A,

Tel: 00-88-02-9553371, 9554251
Fax: 00-88-02-9563991

Receipt of application: 08.00-13.00hrs
VPF(Per applicant): BDT 400
Delivery of passport(On specifed date): 16.00 hrs-19.30 hrs

Indian Visa Application Centre (Chittagong)

2111, Zakir Hossain Road, Habib Lane,
Opposite Holy Crescent Hospital, Chittaghong

Tel :00-88 -031-2551100
Fax: 00-88-031-2524492
Website :

Receipt of application:08.00-11.00hrs
VPF(Per applicant): BDT 400
Delivery of passport(On specifed date):16.00-17.00 hrs

Indian Visa Application Centre (Sylhet)

State Bank of India
Roseview Complex, Shahjalal Upashahar, Sylhet-3100

Tel: 00-88-0821 – 719273
Fax: 00-88-0821-719932
Website :

Receipt of application:10.00hrs-14.00 hrs
VPF(Per applicant):BDT 600
Delivery of passport(On specifed date):15.00-1.600 hrs

Indian Visa Application Receiving Centre (Khulna)

Dr. Motiar Rahman Tower,
64, KDA Avenue, KDA Commercial Area,
Banking Zone, Khulna-9100.

Tel: 00-88-041-2833893
Fax: 00-88-041-2832493
Website :

Receipt of application: 09.00-13.00 hrs
VPF(Per applicant):BDT 600
Delivery of passport(On specifed date):16.00-18.00 hrs

Indian Visa Application Centre , (Rajshahi)

Morium Ali Tower,
Holding No-18, Plot No-557, 1ST Floor,
Old Bilsimla, Greater Road,
Barnali More, 1ST Floor, Ward No-10,Rajshahi.

Tel: 88-0721-812534, 88-0721-812535
Website :

Receipt of application: 08.00-13.00 hrs
VPF(Per applicant): BDT 400
Delivery of passport(On specifed date): 16.00 hrs-17.30 hrs

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