International Karate Plus

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IK+ (International Karate Plus) flash game for cost-free online. International Karate Plus was launched in 1988 and was a huge hit on the Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST.

International Karate Plus Games: Introduction and Background

As the name suggests, International Karate Plus is a karate fighting video game which gained immense fame and popularity after its release in 1987. It was published by System 3 and was originally designed and built for the Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum. Seeing the massive gamers this game was pulling from the start, it was later launched onto other famous consoles and platforms including Amiga and Atari ST in 1988. The Commodore 64 version of this game that was released in the USA was given the name “Chop N’ Drop”. While the game enjoyed relatively lesser success in North America, it was a big hit in the majority areas of Europe during the late 80’s and even during early 90’s.

International Karate Plus: Gameplay

IK+’s gameplay involves three karate fighters fighting against each other in an attempt to be the first to reach a score of 6 points. To further keep the gamer interested, there is a bonus game which comes after every two rounds. This bonus stage either involves the player to deflect bouncing balls or to kick bombs. International Karate Plus can be played with a maximum of two people where the third fighter is always controlled by the computer.

Apart from the simplicity and the amazing graphics that this game brought into the gaming world, IK+ was also famous for its “background antics” which included the background appearance of Pac Man if his name was typed in, the descent of spider man, the sudden presence of a U-boat’s periscope, and the most favorite of almost every IK+ player, the dropping of the fighters trousers if “T” was pressed. In addition, if someone typed in a 4 letter curse word, the game would response by first scolding the player and then resetting the game if the word was entered twice.

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