Iron Mikes Punchout Flash Games

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Do you recall Mike Tyson’s knockouts and the counting seconds. This is a similar game, beat up your challenger.

Iron Mikes Punchout: Introduction and Background

Iron Mikes Punchout is a boxing video game which involves the player to simply fight and box his way up the ranks in order to fight the true champion, Mike Tyson at the end. Developed and released by Nintendo in 1987, Iron Mikes Punchout came out as a pioneer of boxing sports fighting video games for the arcade and the Nintendo Arcade System (NES). Ever since its release, it has continued to make waves in the gaming industry and has consistently been ranked as one of the best games released for the NES. Furthermore, Mario’s special appearance as the game referee has proved to be the cherry on the top.

Iron Mikes Punchout: Gameplay

Iron Mikes Punchout consists of a boxer known as Little Mac. Little Mac’s job is to fight his way up the ranks and defeat the many vibrantly colorful fictional characters until he comes face to face with the world champion himself, which in the case of the original version is Mike Tyson while it is Mr. Dream in the later version.

Little Mac is handicapped with a limited number of moves as compared to most of his fighting opponents. His moves include a left and right jab, left and right lower body punches, and a dominant uppercut. The uppercut is only available to the player once he earns a star, which is normally acquired by counter punching the various special attacks made by the opponent. Once the start is earned, the player can launch his uppercut move by pressing the Start button. Little Mac is also equipped with a few defensive techniques, which include a left and right dodge, a duck, and a block.

There are three ways in which a bout can end. Firstly, if a fighter is not able to get up after being knocked down. Secondly, if any of the fighters is knocked down three times in a single round, known as Technical Knockout (TKO). Thirdly by decision; the bout is called off by declaring a winner based on the points accumulated if the bout has lasted for three full rounds without a clear winner.

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