Keep Safe Your Adsense Account Through Click Fraud Monitoring Plugin

AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin is the best free plugin to prevent ban of your Adsense Account. It prevents to be banned due to malicious (bad intentional) or unintended third party clicks on your adsense ads. You can block visitor (through his IP) from seeing your adsense ad when they click two or more times on your ads. By using this AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring plugin, you can increase your CPC as well as revenue also.

You can download AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin from this site also.

Download AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin

Adsense Ad Click Fraud Monitoring plugin

Let us see why this plugin is a very fantastic plugin for Google Adsense publishers:

Advantages of AdSense Click Fraud Monitoring Plugin:

1) It prevents unintended (malicious) clicks by bots on your Adsense Ads.
2) It prevents malicious (unintended) clicks by human on your Adsense Ads.
3) It prevents from clicks on your Adsense Ads by your friends who want to “help” you to earn money.
4) It prevents unintended clicks by yourself.
5) It blocks a list of specific IP´s including detection of your own IP to show ads.

In easy words, Google takes care that each and every click on any AdSense ad is done by a real human traffic. Automated clicks by bots or crawls may lead to a complete and permanent bann from the google AdSense service. All of your earnings from adsense will be lost and it would be very difficult to get back again adsense account by your own name and address. Sometimes one or more competitors might wants to harm you by intended multiple clicks on your adsense ads. And, Google will tell that you are responsible for those intended malicious clicks. As a result, you will be banned from adsense. You will recognize unusual clicks when your page CTR will be more than 3 % averaged.

Features of AdSense Click Fraud Monitoring Plugin:

– It will disable your all Ads when a user or a bot clicks too often on ad
– It will ban or block user for further clicks
– It has system of unblocking of Blocked IP addresses manually.
– It works with all theme (premium or free)
– You will be notified through an when a user is blocked (applicable for only Premium version)
– It can activate and deactivate all Ads with only one click
– It can work everywhere in the web pages (in content, sidebar and widget section etc)
– Installation and setup of AdSense Click Fraud Monitoring Plugin is very easy.

How does AdSense Click Fraud Monitoring Plugin work?

This Plugin automatically counts all clicks on your adsense Ads. When the click exceeds an specified (set) limit, all of the adsense ads will be deactivated and removed from the source code. This user or bot will be blocked on a IP basis for further clicks on ads.

Install and setup AdSense Click Fraud Monitoring Plugin?

1) At first, install and activate this plugin
2) Then, go to the click fraud settings.
3) Wrap your AdSense ad code (or other advertising code) into a new <div> with the class “cfmonitor”.
4) For your AdSense ad code, it should look like:
<div class=”cfmonitor”>YOUR AdSense CODE HERE</div>

Google is very good to recognize a few mistaken clicks but if you face malicious clicks, you must report it to the official Google contact form Invalid Clicks Contact Form to tell them that you are not liable for those unusual clicks.

Extended Version of Click Fraud Monitor Plugin:

You may easily purchase an extended version of this plugin with extra features. To purchase this plugin with 10 Percent discount, use the Discount Code 10PERCENT (only for a limited time) .

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