Kerfing Wood Bending Method

Kerfing wood bending method is also a very easy method of wood bending. Generally, in this wood bending method, saw kerf (cut) operation is executed on the inner surface of the wood which to be bent. The method for this kerfing wood bending is a relation between the thickness of the wood, the curvature ‘R’ (outer side) and the number of the saw (kerf) cut. Here, I am giving you a formula for the kerfing wood bending method. For kerfing wood bending operation the required number of saw cut = (1.75 x thickness of wood) / thickness of saw blade.

In this above formula of Kerfing, the required number of saw cut has no relation with the value of Curvature ‘R’. To get the required number of saw cut for the wood which is to be bent, we can calculate in the following ways:

Say, we have planned to bend an wood in kerfing method whose thickness is 6mm, and saw blade thickness is 2mm, so we may need the number of cut to bend that wood is (1.75×6/2)=5.25 (in round figure it is 06).

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The surface where the saw cut is to be made will become the inner side, and the adhesive is applied in the kerf area so that the saw cuts are filled properly. Then, start to bend the wood so that the saw cuts can be closed. In this way, we may see the cuts from the end of the wood but not from the both surface.

Kerfing Wood Bending method is widely used in Europe and Asia. It is a very easy method of wood bending. In this method of wood bending, you also need a former/template to which shape you need. Normally, curved shape / half round shape/ Arc shape can be found from this wood bending method. You can easily use this wood bending method in your furniture manufacturing process. By this kerfing process, you can make Head & Leg part of Bed, Bent Table Top etc.

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