Killer Tips To Upgrade Your Hosted Google Adsense Account

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You have got the approved hosted adsense account for your youtube account or hubpages account or blogspot account or webanswer account? But, you cannot use it in your own domain. Now, my question is – do you want to upgrade your hosted youtube adsense account by your own domain ? If yes, you can follow me. Just follow the following guidelines to upgrade your hosted google adsense account. After up-gradation, your hosted adsense account will be your regular adsense account and you can use it on all of your blogs (domains). But, mind it, before using adsense ad code on your blog, make sure that your blog is abided by the Google’s Policy.

Few Things You Should Remember Before Apply for Up-gradation:

To upgrade Adsense hosted account to normal account. You need a quality website. Google is not going to approve any spammy blog or the one with poor content.

1) Must Add important pages in your blog like: About,  Privacy Policy, Contact
2) You must be 18+. So Be sure to use your payee name same as on your bank account
3) Apply using a top level domains like .co,  .com , .net, .org etc
4) Write good quality unique content and optimize it for search engines
5) Make your blog fast loading.
6) Use good looking Templates or themes,

To know more about it, go through the following topics: Wonderful Guidelines for Google Adsense Approval

Guidelines To Upgrade Hosted Adsense Account:

1) Log in to your Hosted AdSense account.
2) In the Home tab, Go to the “Account settings page.
3) Then, go to the Access and authorization. In the “Access and authorization” section, you will see “Only host sites are allowed to show ads for your account,” . Click there to edit it.

4) In that page, you will see “Show ads on other websites” , then, enter the URL of the site where you have planned to show adsense ads.

5) Click on “Submit” tab.
6) After submitting the application, you have to put the adsense ad code on the domain which you submitted in the above step.

Process of Getting Adsense Ad Code:

1) Log in to your hosted adsense account
2) Then, visit “My Ads” tab
3) Next, Click on +New ad unit.
4) In the next step, you can get standard ad code or you can customize your ad unit from this tab. But, never customize your ad code out of this tab.
5) Click Save and get code.

Now place that adsense ad code on your blog which you submitted in the last step mentioned above. Google will review your application manually. It may take 03-07 days.

Hidden Tips for Putting Adsense Ad Code on Your Site During Review Period:

You must put your adsense ad code in two places (1) Below Header / Top Menu (2) Top of the Right Side Bar  , See my site’s Home Page

You’ll get a confirmation or notification email about approval or disapproval of your upgradation to regular adsense account.  Even though, if your Application is not accepted, don’t be worried. You would be able to use your hosted Adsense on various Hosted sites like Blogspot or Youtube.

Never Do 5 (Five) Things During Adsense Review Period:

1) Never Enter Back-End of Your Site
2) Never Do SEO of your site (either On-Page or Off-Page)
3) Never Create New Post for Your site
4) Never Update Any Post of your site
5) Never Do SMM for your site

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