Kinwai Furniture Manufacturing Company in China

Kinwai furniture manufacturing company is an international furniture manufacturer. This company mainly designs and manufactures marketable, office, home and upholstered furniture.  They started their business in 1993.  This company is based on 5 branches to center in their business. They are Kinwai International, Kinwai decoration, kinwai Kelly, Kinwai domestic branches, and Kinwai retail.

Kinwai furniture manufacturing company’s headquarter is situated in San Francisco. This company has three branches. They are Kinwai Europe, Kinwai USA and Kinwai China.  Their marketing shops spread over 100 countries. Their address is 399 Jinou Road, Jiangmen Guangdong, China. Their contact number is 86-0750-3870041.

Kinwai furniture manufacturing company’s products are very popular in China and are sold like hot cakes in their markets. This company won various awards such as China well-known trademark, Guangdong famous brand product, ISO14001 environmental certificate, quality certificate etc.

Kinwai furniture manufacturing company’s main products are bar tools, dining chairs, dining sets, dining tables, dining furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom sets, dressers, nightstands, bedroom furniture, TV stands, sofa tables, wall mirrors, coffee tables, end tables, side boards & servers, jewelry armories etc.

Kinwai furniture manufacturing company mainly manufactures bar & game furniture,  kitchen and dining furniture, bedroom furniture, TV stands and entertainments, Living room tables, mirrors, accent furniture, jewelry armories & boxes.

Kinwai furniture manufacturing company invested 350 million USD to set up Asia-Pacific industrialized base.  They brought higher machinery from European countries. They are decisively stuck to ‘Humanistic Furniture’ belief. Their furniture is of dependable quality. Kinwai furniture manufacturing company is based on a calculated plan, greater principle and joint business representation.

Kinwai furniture manufacturing company still has some opportunities to amplify their business. They can open stores and showrooms in rising and non-rising countries too. They can make dealership associates from whole world. They can rate up their shipping system. They can open showrooms in other continents like America.  They can be more cooperative and responsive with the patrons.

Kinwai furniture manufacturing company engages a total area of 490,000 square meters. They have more than 1000 people.  Kinwai furniture manufacturing company’s capital asset is 50 million USD. Their factory size is more than 100,000 square meters.

Kinwai furniture manufacturing company sell veneer furniture made mainly of oak, walnut and cherry wood. They also use beech wood, ply wood, cane, plastic, glass, metal, card board etc. sometimes they use crystals to make their furniture more gorgeous.

Kinwai furniture manufacturing company’s best selling products are sofa furniture (kw206), corner sofa (KW182), beds set (BB234), dining table (IT-T21AS), TV stand (LC120-SJ) etc.

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Some of the main specialty of Kinwai  furniture manufacturing company’s products are they have sensory independence,  free inhalation system, non-scarring with baking, carving system, amazingly strong, high strength alloy and multi-layer  finish, cozy , comfortable , high load – bearing system and includes 5 year guarantee.

Kinwai furniture manufacturing company has severe condition and customary system which is implemented on their concluding system. They finish their products with a close-posed finish upshot. They process each of their furniture through three times cleaning and two times covering.

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