Life goes in the married structure

Wedding anniversaries are beautiful reminders of the wonderful journey the couple undertakes. This extends an opportunity to celebrate memorable times, togetherness, joint sharing of responsibilities, and think of the future ahead positively. Wedding anniversary wishes for wife is very special to me.

I know dear wife every couple has a different style of expressing love for each other. Finding the perfect balance of romance and thoughtfulness can seem challenging with time spent earning a livelihood and carrying strain and stress home. I know home management and children sap up your energy levels.

Discovering and understanding each other, enjoying the pleasant times, accepting the difficult times, and facing the tough times. Most of all, it is about standing by each other through it all. Anniversary is a significant milestone we achieved and celebrate. 

This house would not have become a home without you. Our kids would not have understood the meaning of family without you. I would not have experienced love without you. Happy anniversary!”

I want you to relax in between the hectic workload of the home and the kids. Mahesh Yogi has propounded transcendental meditation therapy in the sixth decade of the current century. He has toured all over the world propagating his views in this connection with the sole purpose of human welfare. There have been many critics of this therapy, but the fact remains that it has proved to be very effective in many cases. So, it has proved popular in some big cities of the USA, and Europe and in India. Mahesh Yogi has established several centres for the propagation of his views in many parts of the world.

This therapy aims at inducing relaxation by sitting quietly in a solitary place without any tension within. A person must drive out all his thoughts from the very start and then must start his meditation by making his mind vacant, that is the mind has not to be occupied in any type of thinking process regarding worldly things. Thus, the mind is made free and is induced to concentrate on thoughtlessness. This type of meditation stands for such a state of mind-body and the entire nervous system in which the individual must feel completely relaxed. In this process, the person must repeat some short hymns or a single word as a symbol of some virtue or power. For example, this short hymn may be OM, or Shanti or the word may be Ram, Krishna, Shankar, Durga, Hanuman, Buddha, Prophet Mohammed, Jesus, Confucius, St Peter, Martin Luther or any other symbol which the meditator chooses for herself.

Sit in a comfortable position and meditate in this manner it is found that the respiratory process gets slowed down, the pulse rate goes down and the person feels completely relaxed.  In this process, respiration is also lowered down indicating that the individual is in a relaxed mental and physical state. This posture of meditation gives the person peace and rest. Through continual practice, an individual is found free of her anxieties, depression, aggressiveness, or any other mental unrest. Mahesh Yogi the advocate of this therapy, contends that this type of transcendental medication is likely to make a person free from worldly worries and enables her to enjoy a peaceful life.

Thanks to the beautiful wife and mother of my children and lifelong partner. Cheers to two imperfect individuals that fit wonderfully together.

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