Lunar Lander Games

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The goal of lunar lander is to land the lunar on the specified places by handling the lunar applying the accelerator and not to be depleted of energy by refueling.

Lunar Lander Games: Introduction and Background

Released by Atari Inc. in 1979, Lunar Lander arcade game was one of the firsts to display vector graphics using the technology of vector monitor. While the technology may not have been developed and grown then, Lunar Lander paved way for numerous other arcade games to make use of this groundbreaking tool, the most popular of which includes “Asteroids” which also was released and published by Atari. The goal of this highly fun and extremely challenging game is to safely land a lunar landing module onto the moon.


Lunar Lander Flash Games Play:

Lunar Lander involves the player to control and navigate a lunar landing module to ensure safe landing on the moon. The landing module is equipped with aft thrusters which have to be used properly in order for a safe landing. The player has to accurately judge how much strength he needs on the thrusters for them to counteract gravity and ensure a smooth landing.

The surface of the moon is made very rough and jagged, containing very few flat surfaces where landing is a possibility. These flat surfaces are indicated by the highlighted arrows hovering above them. Upon successful and safe landing of the module, the player is given points depending on how good or bad the landing was, and also on how difficult it was to do so. For example, if the player has landed the module on a direct landing surface surrounded by a very few hurdles, he will be awarded lesser points than he will be if he lands the module on a more tricky landing site. On crashing, the player is awarded points depending upon the degree of crash, which may also lead to a fuel penalty.

Lunar Lander introduced to the gaming world a feature that was never seen before; the player could at any time during the game buy more fuel by inserting additional coins. This popular feature was an instant hit, and encouraged the development and release of more such interactive games.

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