Mahogany Wood The Best Local Wood for Furniture Manufacturing

A uniquely pink colored lumber that transforms into deep reddish-brown with age is the best local wood for furniture manufacturing.  Three main tree species produce Mahogany wood, the most costly species being the Swietenia Mahagoni. These are most commonly found growing in Florida, Caribbean and Honduras, while the remaining two species are found growing along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South America.

Roles of Mahogany Wood on Furniture Manufacturing:

Mahogany wood was once the preferable material for building boats and ships because of its water and insect resistant quality. Now the wood is used mostly for furniture manufacturing and making musical instruments.

Trees producing Mehogany wood grow to enormous sizes allowing harvesting of some very large boards. Large Mahogony wood boards allow furniture makers to produce big furniture pieces like dining tables, desks, cabinets and headboards without joints or seams. Since Mahogany trees can grow as wide as six feet, just a single tree can provide the raw material for a lot of furniture. Mehogony wood is easy to sand and cut, allowing craftsmen to produce furniture with relative ease. It is the ideal wood for producing carved furniture.

Generally furniture made with Mahogany wood is traditional in style, but it can harmonize all decorating styles. Mahogany wood is very durable and with proper care the furniture can be passed through many generations. To keep Mahogany looking like new, just polish it with furniture wax several times a year. Mahogany wood furniture gives an air of sophistication and elegance to any room in the house.

Purchasing Mahagany wood with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification means any environmental impact of cutting Mahogany trees for furniture manufacturing is carried out in a responsible way. FSC is a non-profit agency ensuring responsible forestry and guarantees that quality Mahogany wood will be available for generations to come.

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