Major Wooden Raw Materials of Bangladeshi Furniture

Bangladeshi wooden furniture manufacturing companies are using different types of timbers and boards as their major wooden raw material to make their  furniture. Most of the timbers are local. Among them, Mahogany timber, Treated Mango timber, Acacia timber, Neem wood, Koroi wood, Rain tree timber, Epil epil timber, Rubber  wood, Jessore Teak wood, Chittagong teak wood etc are remarkable. Non-branded furniture companies mainly use Mahogany wood, Chittagong Teak wood, Rain tree wood, and Neem wood for making their wooden furniture. But branded Bangladeshi furniture manufacturing companies use Mahogany and treated Mango wood as local wood and Red Oak, Burma Teak, Teak Champ wood as foreign wood.

Non-branded Bangladeshi furniture companies produce solid wood furniture with hand polish finished where as branded Bangladeshi furniture companies produce Lacquer finished wooden furniture that are made of solid wood and veneer board /ply board (mixed).

Now I will discuss on major wooden raw material used by Bangladeshi brand furniture making companies.

Major Raw Materials of OTOBI:

OTOBI furniture uses the following major wooden raw material (timber & board) for manufacturing their wooden furniture.

Timbers:  Mahogany Wood, Jessore Teak Wood, Chittagong Teak wood, Burma Teak Wood, Red Oak Wood, Treated Mango wood.

Boards: Teak Veneered Ply board, Teak veneered MDF, Red Oak Veneered MDF, Red Oak Veneered Chip Board, Teak Veneered Chip Board, Commercial Plywood.

Major Raw Materials of HATIL:

Hatil furniture uses only Red Oak veneered MDF and Red Oak timber for making their furniture. They never use local timber. They are saving local forests. They are making slim & contemporary wooden furniture. Their slogan is “Slim is SMART”. In some cases, for making bedroom furniture they use commercial ply board.

Major Raw Materials of Partex:

Partex Wooden Furniture uses both types of wood & board – local and foreign. They are using Mahogany timber, treated Rubber timber and treated Mango timber as local timber and using North American Red Oak, Fresno (European Oak), Burma Teak, Teak Champ timber as foreign timber. They use Furnitex Board, Red Oak Veneered Chip Board, Red Oak Veneered MDF Board, Teak Veneered Chip Board, Teak Champ Veneered Chip Board, Engineering Veneered Chip Board and commercial ply board also to make their wooden furniture.

Major Raw Materials of Akhtar Furnishers:

Akhter Furniture mainly uses local timber like Mahogany and Chittagong Teak timber as well as Teak Veneered Ply board to make their classic wooden furniture.

Major Raw Materials of Brothers Furniture:

Brothers Furniture mainly uses plain MDF board as well as Red Oak Veneered MDF board to make their wooden furniture.

Major Raw Materials of Navana Furniture:

Navana Furniture mainly uses Red Oak and treated mango wood as well as veneered MDF to make their wooden furniture.

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