Making Furniture with Immature Wood

Wooden Furniture is generally made with Matured Solid Wood or Plywood. Normally, without matured wood you cannot make good quality and long lasting wooden furniture. That is why, matured wood is important. In immature wood, there is a great possibility of remaining more Sap Wood which is very dangerous for furniture manufacturing.  Wood worm can easily attack on Sap wood and damage your beautiful furniture. So you must be aware about it and stay away from using immature wood or sap wood for making your furniture.

But, did you ever think that how long you can get matured wood? Do you know about the period of becoming a tree matured? If you do not know it, learn from here. A tree can be matured within 30-40 years which depends on type of trees. Normally, a teak or oak tree may need 40-50 years to be matured. But, a mahogany or a mango tree may take about 20-30 years to be matured. Therefore, it is very difficult to get matured wood regularly. If you use that tree before its maturity period, it is called immatured wood. And, if you use that immature wood for your furniture manufacturing, you must face problem in future regarding worm attack etc.

How to Use Immature Wood for Furniture Manufacturing:

In this situation, what can we do? We have nothing to do? No, don’t be worried, there are some ways of using those immature or sap wood for your furniture making. You can use those immature and sap wood after accomplishing proper chemical treatment and seasoning (KILN Drying). For perfect chemical treatment, you must use Pressure Chemical Treatment System not soaking or similar like this. If you can do it perfectly, characteristics of sap wood would be changed and you can use them for your furniture manufacturing.

Cheers! Enjoy For making wooden furniture with immature wood.

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