How To Manufacture Mango Wood Furniture

Manufacturing mango wood furniture is not a difficult matter but you have to know it before manufacturing. You must know that mango wood is a wood worm attractive wood as it is sweet wood and making furniture by this wood is very risky. So, before making furniture with this mango wood, you must do something on wood so that wood worm cannot attack. And, “Do Something” means, you have to do “Wood Treatment”. There are different ways (methods) of wood treatment such as Soaking Wood Treatment Method, Pressure Treatment method etc.  Pressure wood treatment is also of two types- CCA methods, CCB methods. Among those wood treatment methods, CCA wood treatment method is best considering durability and life of wood. You can give more than 50 years of replacement guarantee on wood worm or termite attack on treated mango wood furniture. Let us return back to the manufacturing process of mango wood furniture.

Manufacturing Process of Mango Wood Furniture

The first step of mango wood furniture manufacturing is wood treatment. After that, treated wood must be seasoned or dried properly as there is about 80-90% moisture level in the treated wood.

So the recommendation is that, before seasoning, treated mango wood should be air dried or pre-seasoned by air and moisture level should be lessened. You can use KILN drying wood seasoning method which is the best and most modern wood seasoning method.


After proper seasoning of mango wood, take them for sawing or re-sawing as per your required design of wood furniture.  Next, perform all wood working machining works such as Jointer planning, Thickness Planing, Molding, Grooving, Tenoning, Sanding etc. After all machining works, you will get the parts of your required designed wood furniture. Then, assemble them by using glue (Water base Synthetic Resin Adhesive), wood pin (wooden dowel), nail, screws etc. At this moment, your required designed wooden furniture is carpentry completed.

After accomplishment of carpentry of mango wooden furniture, you have to complete sanding and lacquering operation. There are several steps in lacquering operation. After lacquering, mango wooden furniture should be cured or dried well. You can use PU (Polyurethane) or NC or UV (Ultra Violet) lacquer on treated mango wood furniture.

Now, your treated mango wooden furniture is ready for using or selling. Thus, you can manufacture your mango timber furniture in your factory.

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