Many Blessings in Touch of Prophet Muhammad (SM) in Holy Madinah

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Allah has exposed the huge excelled in introducing the Mecca-Medina. Soil of Madinah always attracts to devotee Muslim.

The Muslim who sees the heartiest Madinah in his own eyes is really a great lucky.

Because, to see the house of Allah (Kaaba Sharif) & His Rasul (Sm) is the greatest achievement in his life.

There are no achievement like this in a Mumin’s life .


Outside of Masjide Nababi – Madina


See the Main Gate of Rawzah Sharif of Prophet Rasul (SM)


The Main Gate of the Rawzah from where you can try to look to see Rawzah of Rasul but cannot see inside.


Madina-Sharif m-2 m-1

Let us send Durud – “Allahumma Solli Ala Muhammad”

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