NetBase Quid market intelligence: marketing insights in 2021

NetBase Quid market intelligence: marketing insights in 2023

NetBase Quid Market Intelligence is a research tool that helps marketers make smarter decisions. It provides insights into the social media landscape, including data on what people are saying about your brand and how it can impact your bottom line. NetBase Quid has been the leader in social media analytics for over ten years now, having created one of the first first-of-its-kind tools to help marketers measure their ROI from social marketing programs.

Ways in which a business can use market intelligence tools:

  • Track your competition – Find out what your competitors are up to and which tactics they use in social media.
  • Track your brand mentions – See who is talking about you and all of the sentiment surrounding it
  • Find influencers – Identify the top people in your industry who are helping to drive social conversation.
  • Monitor your PR efforts – Compare how you’re doing when it comes to brand mentions vs what journalists are saying about your industry.
  • Improve customer service – Get actionable insights on how customers communicate with businesses; make sure customer feedback reaches the right teams in a timely fashion.

Most common market intelligence tools:

1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts has become one of the most popular tools for marketers tracking keywords and influencers. You can track mentions across multiple platforms, including blogs, news sites, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Google also recently announced that they are rolling out Alerts for Instagram as well. This tools positions businesses to succeed and get ahead of competitors by staying on top of all the relevant conversations around your brand.

2. Talkwalker

One of the biggest benefits of Talkwalker is that you can see mentions from across the web and social media. It also provides basic demographic information for those mentioned and a link to their full profile page. This makes it easy to find out more about those influencers and potential brand advocates. It gives a company a competitive edge by helping to identify new influencers and customers.

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3. Mention

Mention alerts you anytime someone is talking about you (or your brand) online. You can get team-wide alerts, which means it’s great for agencies and social media teams looking to keep everyone in the loop. It also allows for advanced search queries, so you can refine results by posting date or language, for example. This creates a competitive edge by allowing marketers to stay on top of all relevant conversations in real-time.

4. Sysomos Heartbeat

Sysomos Heartbeat helps you stay on top of influencer activity and conversations. One of our favorite features is the Media Influence Score, which helps marketers identify potential advocates and those who might be detractors (a high score means they’re already talking about your brand). It positions a company on top of others by helping them see who is influencing their customers and prospects.

5. Mentionmapp

Mentionmapp focuses on mapping out influencers, showing how they’re connected within a particular industry or niche. For instance, marketers can identify top brand advocates and those who are key to a company’s success. This provides a competitive edge by helping marketers make the most of the relationships they have with influencers. It provides a bird’s-eye view of an industry, making it easier to identify top players.

6. Trackur

Trackur is another great tool for tracking social media mentions, helping marketers stay on top of what others are saying about them in real-time. You can easily track keywords or hashtags across multiple platforms with the click of a button. Trackur also positions marketers to stay ahead of their competition by helping them identify top influencers and journalists in a particular industry.

7. Trendistic

Trendistic is a market intelligence tool that allows you to see what’s trending and perform advanced searches across social media platforms. It’s particularly great for those who want insights into the specific conversation taking place around your brand. Trendiest provides an easy way to identify influencers who are engaging with your brand, as well as those who might be worth partnering with or at least staying on top of their activity.

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