masco modern home furniture

Masco Furniture Manufacturing Company

Masco Furniture Manufacturing Company is one of the leading furniture production companies in the recent time. Alex Manoogian, the citizen of Turkey, founded this furniture company. With his great education level and enterprise, he founded the company. He was the chairperson of this furniture manufacturing company more than 67 years. Now, his small company has become a popular and come out in the worldwide market.

masco modern home furniture

Location of Indian Masco Furniture Manufacturing Company:

The main factory of the Masco Furniture Manufacturing Company is situated in the Uttar Pradesh in India and Dawarka in New Delhi. These factories are in the industrial areas in the country and enough to produce adequate furniture to fulfill the worldwide demand throughout the world. More than 20 furniture-manufacturing facilities are placed in United States and other 20s are in the parts of the world. The main object of the company is produce good quality furniture by many materials and fulfills the demand of it.

Masco Furniture Manufacturing Company ranked in the third position according to the FDM report in 2008 by selling more than $2.2 billion and $1.7 billion in 2009. According to the report of FDM, this company has more than 15,300 employees in 2011.

The main product of this furniture manufacturing company are kitchen and bathroom cabinets, entertainment centers and other furniture for home and office like almirahs, office chairs, tables, work stations and so on. The furniture of the furniture manufacturing company is excellent that many big companies in India like TATA, Religare, and Honda are using the furniture.

This furniture manufacturing company is always aware of using the materials for producing furniture. For most of the furniture, this company uses wood but in some cases, it also uses board, cabinet and hard wood with metal. Therefore, the furniture get a solid strength in furniture as supplement of the furniture is solid and good in quality. For that reason, Masco Furniture Manufacturing Company offers limited warranty in each of the furniture to the costumer to maintain good relationship with them.

Opportunities of Masco Furniture in India:

Masco Furniture Manufacturing Company is creating many opportunities for the country as well as other costumers. Until now, the furniture company has the license of manufacturing their product in United States and has online websites for selling in Europe and so other parts of the world as well.

The employees are very careful of choosing and using the raw materials for furniture manufacturing. Therefore, they never select any new raw materials for making furniture without testing and environment license. Therefore, you are sure that the furniture company will not damage the climate for giving the best furniture to your house to make it amazing.

While furniture manufacturing, Masco always gives attention and piety to the quality and standard. Without satisfaction about the quality and quantity of product, they never market their product. In fact, most of the times, they return their furniture with some mistake in the furniture from customer. This is the main specialty of the company while marketing and launching new furniture

Overall, Masco Furniture Manufacturing Company is serving the nation greatly with their high quality and amazing furniture. It can be wise selection to use Masco furniture for home or anywhere and save money.

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