Men’s Fashion Trends to Look Out For

It’s no secret that trending fashion is one of the most subjective topics in the world. What looks great to one person may look terrible to another. Even the most classic items or styles are subject to change over the years.

Your grandfather’s suit and fedora may be timeless, but it’s not the same as it was 80 years ago!

With that in mind, it’s important to check the most current men’s fashion trends. Otherwise, you risk looking like your grandfather even in 2023!

There are millions of trends floating around, but we’ve picked a few of the most popular ones. Read on to find out what they are and how to pull them off.

Statement Prints for the Adventurous Dresser

Statement prints are one of the biggest menswear trends to look out for. From bold stripes to striking plaids and from abstract art to graffiti, this trend works for everyone, no matter your style. This trend isn’t just for fashion-forward guys; it works for low-key and casual dressers.

A cool t-shirt or dress shirt featuring a statement graphic will freshen up any guy’s wardrobe. Also, look for statement prints on shorts and trousers, like cheetah or leopard print, to give your look an edgy vibe. You can also look for statement print sneakers, belts, and hats to complete the look.

Viking Clothing for the Rugged Look

Men’s fashion trends for this season are heavily based on Viking clothes. With bold lines, exciting textures, and an overall ‘rugged’ aesthetic popular this season, more and more men are experimenting with their wardrobes and taking cues from pre-historic wardrobes.

You can find various authentic pieces in stores or online, such as bog-tops and breech-clouts, a long-sleeved tunic, long leggings and trousers, and fur cloaks and capes. All these pieces evoke the bold statements of the true Viking warrior. Aside from these traditional pieces, you’re likely to spot a lot of leather accents (belts, headpieces) on garments and decorative artwork typically seen on Viking pieces.

But, for a more modern take on this trend, incorporate muted tones, natural fabrics, and minimalistic design.

Comfort Fits for Maximum Movement

Comfort fits prioritize comfort over traditional fashion pieces, so materials like soft fabrics, stretchy denim, and lightweight joggers are crucial to comfort. A slim-fitting shirt with a classic blazer gives an easy yet stylish look that will turn heads. Also, elastic waistbands on shorts, joggers, and khakis allow maximum movement with less restriction.

To top it off, flat-soled sneakers and loafers provide extra comfort and a versatile final touch. Overall, comfort fits are a great way to keep our wardrobes up to date while still feeling comfortable and unrestricted. 

Consider These Men’s Fashion Trends Today

Men’s fashion trends this season are bold and fashion-forward – from statement prints, Viking clothing, and comfort fit. Get creative and make sure to look out for the latest trends.

Follow the latest looks and be the best-dressed fashionista around!

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