Micro Machines Driving Racing Games

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Micro Machines driving Racing games was created by the popular Genesis / Mega drive consoles.

Micro Machines Driving Racing Game: History

It would not be wrong to state that one of the most popular and the most widely played video games of all times would be the car racing games. Let it be for the arcade systems or the more advanced consoles, car racing games have always attracted the attention of a vast majority of gamers across the world. While the newer generation may typically relate these games to the more advanced and the more high-tech games including Need For Speed, Forza Motorsport, Grid etc., the old classic racing games that laid the foundation of such genre can never be forgotten or underestimated. One particular game that can easily be categorized as one of the pioneers of the car racing genre and one of the most popular games ever to be played in this world is “Micro Machine Driving Racing Game”.

Micro Machines Driving Racing Game: Introduction

As the name suggests, Micro Machines Driving Racing Game is a car racing game involving the player to complete a given number of laps in the minimum time possible. Originally released by Codemasters Group in 1991 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Micro Machines went on to be released for various other popular consoles following a long list of titles with each bringing more success than the previous. The concept was based on the already released and highly popular miniature toys, known as micro machines. These toys were a massive hit among the younger kids and what more could they want if they could race these amazing models on a track! And thus, Micro Machines Driving Racing Game was launched.

What separated this particular game with the numerous other car racing games was the simplicity and the amazing innovation that this game brought into the gaming world. While other game developers were making desperate attempts on launching a 3-D sport game, Codemasters stuck to a 2-D view and aimed at making the game backdrops much more exciting and fun, such as kitchen tables, book shelves, playing rooms, desktops and many more. These circuits were different from the already developed racing circuits, and offered much more challenge and thrill to the players than the normal ones.

Due to its significant success, Codemasters went on to release later versions of the game including Micro Machines Turbo Tournament, Micro Machines Military and the first 3-D game released by Codemasters, Micro Machines V3. After launching the most recent title V4 in 2007, the world has not seen another genius from the Micro Machines industry.


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