Neo Geo League Bowling Games

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Neo Geo League Bowling vintage action game. Bring down the bowling balls.

Neo Geo League Bowling: Introduction and Background

While it may come as a surprise to most people, the concept of bowling can be traced back to the Ancient Egypt and Roman Empire times when stones were tossed towards other stone objects. Over the centuries, this concept developed into what is now one of the most popular sports to be played on Earth i.e. bowling. Bowling can further be categorized into types; indoor bowling and outdoor bowling. Indoor bowling involves knocking down pins by throwing bowling balls down a wooden lane. Outdoor bowling involves getting the ball as close as possible to the target.

With such a significant increase in the popularity of this sport, it was only a matter of time when a game on it was going to be launched. Thus, the first arcade game that really put an emphasis on bowling was launched in the form of Neo Geo League Bowling. Released by SNK in 1991, Neo Geo League Bowling is an arcade game that was designed and developed for the Neo Geo console and the arcade systems.

Neo Geo League Bowling: Gameplay

The objective of this game is simple and self-explanatory. All you have to do is set your target, choose the right power, and throw the ball in an effort to bring down as many pins as you can in a single shot.  Lesser the number of tries you take more will be the score.

What differentiates this particular bowling arcade game from other such games is its simplicity. The controls are kept simple and the player is not indulged into any complexities throughout his game. Game developers made sure that the game is just kept entertaining and fun and the graphics are kept standard. However, the player is involved by using vibrant colors everywhere, on the balls, on the character’s costume etc. This simple yet highly entertaining layout of this game is what made it a highly successful and a highly acclaimed arcade game across the world.


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