New Invention of Google – Stick Computer Chromebit

Everyday some new things are being discovered. As the pursuit of bringing new things, Google is bringing a new gimmick Stick computer in the market. This is similar to a stick or a small rod or a pen drive. This product will be required to connect via USB to any display to use as a desktop or a laptop. This can be done easily. Both Google and ASUS together has been a joint initiative to discover this new things whose name is ChromeBit.

Cheaper Computers
Google told in an statement on Tuesday that Chrome OS-based product ChromeBit will hit the market in this year 2015.  According to Google’s statement, ChromeBit is shorter than a Candibar and its value is approx.100 USD or less than that. According to the information of this company, anybody can use it as a computer or a laptop via USB connection to any display like TV etc. It will help to all classes from Students to businessman. Google spokesman said, ChromeBit can be connected with keyboard for input. This can be done by adding television. Price will be US $ 100 and less than that.


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