Online Flash Games Astro panic

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Astro panic game is a very old and exciting shooting flash game. You have to gun down the bad space ships. Wait for the game to load!

Online Flash Games Astro Panic: Introduction and Background

A classic Commodore 64 game, Astro Panic stands out in its excessively simple yet extremely exciting gameplay and graphics. It was released and developed by Compute Publications in 1984 and designed by Charles Brannon, and it goes without saying that Astro Panic was a perfect time pass then and it is a perfect time pass now.

Astro Panic involves the player to control his space ship and fire at the alien space crafts. The game begins with some easier tasks, but becomes more and more difficult as the game progresses with increased number of enemy ships now advancing towards you and destroying your space ship.

Ever since its release in 1984, Astro Panic has seen one real sequel called the Astro Panic 94. However, there is a homage to the Commodore 64 game that goes by the name of “Panic”. Panic was developed by Coin Op and released in 2001 for the Internet. This exciting single player arcade shooting game has received significant success in the gaming market, and has built up a huge fan base over the internet. Today, it is freely available on a vast number of websites and can be easily played or downloaded from those retro gaming websites.

How to Play Online Flash Games Astro Panic:

Astro Panic thrives in its simple yet exciting gameplay, with the player having to maneuver the space ship and shooting at the enemy space crafts in order to survive the numerous attack waves. The game starts with a relatively smaller number of enemy ships moving at slower speeds. But as the game goes on, more enemy ships start to add up making each wave of attack more difficult than the previous one. The game ends once all three lives of the player are lost.

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