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Launched by Namco in 1981 Galaga is a spacecraft arcade game. Galaga is identical to Galaxian because it’s a follow up. The gamer handles a spacecraft and blasts a groups of alien ships over that occasionally assault.

Online Flash Games Galaga: Introduction and Background

Galaga, sequel to Galaxianreleased in 1979, is a space ship shooting game. It was developed and published by the famous Japanese corporation Namco in 1981. The game involves the player to control a space ship and shoot at the alien ships hovering above. Initially, the screen is clear and empty with no enemy ships. But with time, alien ships start to fly in and immediately form groups. Once all ships have arrived and formed groups, they fly down towards the player’s ship and try to either shoot it down or collide with it. Either way, the player’s ship explodes and the player loses. The mission of the player throughout the game is to fire at the alien ships and avoid being hit. If successfully done, the ships eventually vanquish and the player proceeds to the next level.

Ever since its release, Galaga has done extremely well in the field of fixed shooter games. Its arcade version has been released on several consoles and has developed numerous sequels, with the most recent one being the Galaga Legions released on Xbox Live.


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Galaga Gameplay

Galaga consists of the player controlling his space ship and scoring maximum number of points by shooting at the alien ships and destroying them. The ship is situated at the bottom and can be navigated horizontally. Enemy ships swarm in in groups and once set, advance towards the player’s ship and fire bombs in an effort to destroy the ship by either shooting it down or collide against it. If the player’s last fighter is lost, the player loses and the game ends. At the end, the player’s “hit/miss ratio” is displayed, showcasing the efficiency and accuracy of the player’s shooting.

One interesting feature of Galaga’s gameplay is the ability of the enemy to capture the player’s fighter using a “tractor beam” and makes it its own. If the player has more lives available, play continues with a new fighter, with the captured fighter shooting at the player’s ship and just doing everything that the normal enemy does. If however, no more lives remain, the player loses and the game ends. In order to retrieve the captured fighter, the player has to destroy the boss Galaga causing the player to double his firepower but also making his target appear twice as large.

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