Online Flash Games Hang on

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Hang on vintage game reprise. Drive your motorcycle to win the competition. Hang on was launched and created by well known SEGA.

Introduction to Online Flash Games – Hang On

Released by the famous Sega in 1985, Hang On is the one of the most popular and the most demanded motorsport video games of the 20th century. It was the pioneer of the motorcycle video games genre where the player is to control a motorbike and race not only against the computer-controlled players, but also against time. Furthermore, it was based on the never before used “Super Scalar” technology of Sega and also the 16-bit graphics, giving this game more edge than the other motorcycle games. The title “Hang On” was based on the fact that the biker has to “hang on” to the breaks once he is turning and has to lean the bike towards the road to achieve greater balance and stability.


Hang On: Gameplay

Hang On is a single player game which consists of a simple behind the motorcycle view, ensuring that the player is given a good sight of what’s ahead. The map or the racing circuit is divided into several checkpoints which come after every few meters. The objective of the racer is to keep reaching these checkpoints before the time runsout. Upon crossing each checkpoint, the time limit is extended and the racer then has to reach the next checkpoint within this new time limit. If he fails to do so, he loses.

Due to the success that this arcade game achieved throughout the world, it was followed by other sequels. These include “Hang On 2” released in 1985, “Hang On Jr.” released in 1985, “Super Hang On” released in 1987, and “Limited Edition Hang On” released in 1991. While the game was originally developed and released for the arcade system, it was later launched onto various home consoles. Such consoles include Sega Master System, MSX, Nintendo Gameboy Advance, and other such amazing and popular consoles.

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