Online Flash Games Mahjongg

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Mahjongg is a very popular and classic puzzle game. Enjoy playing it . Wait for the game to load!

History and Background of Mahjongg games:

While Mahjongg is said have been established at the end of the last century, the series of games leading to this highly addictive and brain teasing puzzle are long and vast. Starting from way back in 800 AD, card games similar to Mahjongg have been played and enjoyed in the sense that you have collect and gather certain game elements named “Chows”, “Pungs” and “Kongs”. It is also stated that the cards used in these particular card games would resemble and be similar to the money that was used in those old days. So it should come to no surprise to anyone that Mahjongg’s roots are probably the oldest and the most ancient among any other game currently played. It is this amazing and astonishing history tagged to this game that has caused Mahjongg to be recognized and played still in most parts of the world.


Mahjongg was introduced into the West not before the start of this century, with the colony of Shanghai getting the first glimpse. From there, it was later introduced into the other parts of the world including USA, Japan, and Europe. According to some credible books published on Mahjongg, it is believed that Mahjongg was developed way back in the late 1800’s in China’s area of Ningpo. Initially, the game took the people by surprise, overwhelming them by its beauty and intellectuality. However, with time its fame slowly started to decline until it ceased to exist altogether. It was not before the end of the last century that increasingly higher number of people started to recognize and acknowledge this beautiful and extremely exciting game. Today, Mahjongg is revived and is available on a number of internet gaming websites to played and downloaded for free.

Mahjongg Online Flash Games: How To Play

The objective of this Chinese solitaire game is to clear all blocks or tiles from the board by identifying and selecting two unblocked tiles of the same kind. So the ultimate goal is to cut down on the stack of blocks and reduce it to nothing. For each character, there would be 4 identical tiles. For the case of flowers and seasons however, you can match any flower with any other flower, and likewise for the seasons.

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