Online Flash Games Metroid

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 Metroid is a typical and classical space ship game.You have to shoot your enemies else they will shoot you down. Wait for the game to load!

Introduction of Online Flash Games Metroid

If one lists down the most successful games or series to be launched by Nintendo, there will few listed above Metroid. Designed by Yoshio Sakamoto and Gunpei Yokoi, Metroid is a classic space ship shooting game which involves the player to control his space ship and shoot at the enemy in a 2D side-scroller platform. The player plays the character of a female bounty hunter, named SamusAran, who must course through the planet of “Zebes”, and defeat the “Space Pirates” before they establish strong galactic dominance using the parasitic organisms known as Metroids. Initially, Samus is handicapped of the complete know-how of the planet’s map with many sections being out of limits for her. But as the game progresses, Samus builds up her power ups and becomes capable to enter the previously inaccessible areas of the world.

Till 2011, the Metroid series has a collection of 11 games, being released on almost every portable console. Having sold over 17.44 million copies and achieving a high GameRanking score of 85%, the Metroid series is certainly one of Nintendo’s biggest successes ever.

Metroid Games Play

Metroid’s gameplay involves the gamer to play the role of SamusAran, a female bounty hunter who sets off to destroy the plans of Space Pirate who want to establish a galactic dominance. Throughout the planet of Zebes are scattered various health and weapon upgrades, as well as power ups that would help Samus in her mission and keep her hopes of saving the planet alive. At the end of the game, Samus comes head to head with the boss “Mother Brain”. Upon defeating the boss, a timer of 3 minutes is triggered in which the gamer has to leaves the fortress of Zebes. If this task is successfully done, the player wins and gets an ending based on the time taken to complete the game.

Metroid: Controls

  1. Use Navigation keys to move
  2. Press Space bar to fire


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