Online Flash Games Mini Putt

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Free of charge available mini putt golfing flash games. Mini putt was designed popular on the SEGA expert program and some other consoles of the similar period. The goal of mini putt is to put the gold ball in the golf pit.

Introduction to MiniPutt Games

With such a rapid increase in the demand and popularity of “minigolf”, it was only inevitable that a game on it was going to be designed and developed. One of these games is the MiniPutt. Mini Putt is a highly fun and challenging game where the player is to putt in a minimum number of tries, on a very “unique” playing field.

Minigolf, also given the names of crazy golf or miniature golf, is a branch of the golf family. In this game, the play is made different by changing the playing environment; shortening of the length of ground, matting or carpeting the surface, placing obstacles such as tunnels or ramps, and making other such unique and fun alterations. This game is highly fun and challenging to play and certainly not easy to master.

Minigolf’s history takes us back to the early 20th century when the first minigolf course was documented in 8 june 1912, called Gofstacle. After this, a series of minigolf courses were designed and built, and thus minigolf became a highly entertaining and popular sport among a wide range of age groups.

Mini Putt Games Instructions

The game starts with the player choosing and placing the ball on the dark green Mat using the mouse. Next, give direction to your shot by navigating the mouse. Once the direction is set, the next step is to give the appropriate power to your shot. The wider the dots away from each other, the more powerful the shot is going to be. Since it is a different and at times uneven playing field consisting of various obstacles, choosing the right power is the key to your shot. So do it wisely.

Once you have decided on your direction and the power, click the mouse to take your shot.


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