Online Flash Games Zenon Mega Blast

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Zenon mega blast is a remake and improved version of a popular game named xenon mega blast. Enjoy playing it here for free. Wait for the game to load!

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Background of Online Flash Games Zenon Mega Blast

During and after the late 1980’s the world had seen rapid advancements and developments in the field of arcade games, with the big gaming companies releasing numerous hit and sensational video games one after the other. The technology had progressed from the static video screens to 2D flat graphics, and the image resolutions, game speeds, and the overall graphics had significantly enhanced. It was during these times that another space ship shooting arcade game was launched in 1989, named Zenon Mega Blast. Zenon Mega Blast was released and published by a small and a not-so-known group of game developers at that time called “The Assembly Line”, taking the market leading companies by surprise including Capcom, Midway, Taito and Atari. It was originally created to be released for the Atari ST and Amiga Consoles, but later went on to be released on the Sega 16-bit and that is when maximum exposure and fame was received.

Zenon Mega Blast is actually an advanced and an improved version of the first game which was released in 1988 for a TV show called “Get Fresh”. In this show, kids could call in on a Saturday day morning and enjoy playing the game by calling out the commands. With the release of Zenon Mega Blast however, the space ship shooting games had reached next levels.

Zenon Mega Blast Gameplay

The objective of this game is simple; fire at the enemy space ships and score as many points as possible before being hit and destroyed. The player’s mission is to free the attacked planets and restoring communications that have been cut off by the enemy. Along the way, the player is received with numerous extra weapons and various power-ups that can be used to purchase more weapons and other important items from the mid-game store.

Zenon Mega Blast: How To Play

  1. Navigate the space ship in all directions using the mouse
  2. Click to fire


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