Partex Furniture Logo Changed

Partex Furniture is coming with a big investment in Bangladesh very soon. It has planned to acquire two or more brand furniture manufacturing company in Bangladesh. It has acquired a big land for its new establishment also. It has planned to become a number 1 furniture manufacturing and selling company in Bangladesh. Now it is developing its factory according to compliance of foreign buyers’ countries so that it can capture the foreign market also.  Within a very short time general people can know the actual matter.

Now, Partex Furniture is developing its own showrooms & dealers in Bangladesh according to its master plan.  It has a plan to work with foreign country as a joint venture to export to Europe and America. Europe and America is a big market for furniture. Bangladesh Government has planned to make this industry like garments industry. Bangladesh government has also plan to make a furniture industrial zone for its great expansion.

As a part of great expansion and its new marketing, Partex furniture has changed its logo recently. It would be circulated very soon with the proper media like television, newspaper, magazine and social media. Recently it has opened facebook fanpage Partex Furnitures to merchandize into social media sites. Partex Furniture has also a plan to open a page in twitter also.

Hatil Furniture and Otobi Furniture are the main competitors of Partex Furniture. It has a great plan to defeat them in the competition and be the number one furniture manufacturing and selling company in Bangladesh.

As a vision of becoming number one furniture manufacturing company of Bangladesh, it has restructured its sales & marketing team and is making ready for it. So let us see what is going on!

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