Partex Round Lounge Sofa SSS-0091

Recently, Partex Furniture has introduced a new Round Lounge Sofa SSS-0091. It is a very popular sofa now. Generally, it is used as Lobby Sofa, Lobby Chair, Lounge Sofa, Lounge Chair. It can be used as Talk Show Divan in the Television Center also.

Features of Round Lounge Sofa SSS-0091:

  1. Attractive Design & Outlook
  2. Attractive Fabrics Color
  3. Very Comfortable
  4. Made by Indonesian Fabrics
  5. Single Pieces are also sold
  6. Two Color Varieties- Red & Green
  7. Available in all showrooms of Partex Furniture *

Price of this sofa is also reasonable. For more details and availability as well as to make an order, kindly contact with Partex Furniture Sales Department. The following personnel are responsible for the sales of Partex Furniture.

  1. Mr. AKM Nazir, DGM (Sales) (Mobile: +8801713-093554)
  2. Mr. Mojammel Hossain (Sr. Manager, Export Division) (Mobile: +8801713367250)
  3. Mr. Abdul Hannan, AGM (Sales) (Mobile: +8801713479781)
  4. Mr. Sayduzzaman (Manager, Sales) (Mobile: +8801711425226)

* In some cases, it may not be available in some showrooms due to stock finished. In such case, kindly contact our sales team to get the updated information.

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