What does it mean by Pending AFIS and Demographic Investigation?

Pending AFIS Investigation means either you have another Machine Readable Passport (MRP) or you have given bio-metric twice.

What does it mean by Pending AFIS and Demographic Investigation?

If you applied for passport 2nd time and gave bio-metric again, then means, you would face AFIS Investigation issue.

What does it mean by Pending AFIS and Demographic Investigation?

To resolve AFIS investigation issue, you have to contact directly to Regional Passport office Administration department. If it Jatrbari Regional office, you have to contact to Room No 505, but, if you applied through Agargaon Central Passport office, you have to contact to Room No 604.

Process to Solve Passport AFIS Investigation Issue:

  1. At first, Contact to Regional Passport Office, either it is Jatrabari Passport office/others/Agargaon. In case of Jatrabari Passport office, contact to Administration office (Room 505). In this case, it is not mandatory for an applicant to go himself/herself. He can assign someone to do that on behalf of him/her.
  2. If AFIS comes due to 2nd time apply, Write an application for cancelling the first passport application and to accept the new application by mentioning application numbers. For your kind assistance about “How to Write a Letter to solve AFIS Investigation“, I have provided a sample letter below.

    What does it mean by Pending AFIS and Demographic Investigation?
    AFIS Investigation Mitigation Letter
  3. This application copy (scanned copy) must be sent to Agargaon passport office (AFIS section), Room 903 through your Regional Passport office for next steps. Your Regional passport office will send that letter directly to Agargaon (Room 903) in presence of you.
  4. After that, you have to contact to Room 903 to an Officer who deals AFIS Investigation. You can go there in same day too. The officer will check that letter online and cancel the first application of passport and cancel the AFIS issues too if the letter is okay. That’s why, you should follow above letter template and write yourselves by mentioning your problem. You can check it online or from sending SMS to 6969 (MRP Enrollment ID>Send>6969 from your mobile phone) whether your passport AFIS investigation issue removed or not. You can check it instantly after facing interview with AFIS issues officer.

Actually, AFIS Investigation (“Your Application is now pending for AFIS Investigation”) is not a big problem in most cases. You can solve it easily. Sometimes, it comes due to Bio-metric mismatch/twice. In case of Child, it may be happened more frequently as their finger prints may change during increasing their age.

So think before apply second time for MRP!

Sometimes, it may be solved easily and sometimes, it takes a lot of time to resolve. But, without settling this issue, you can never get your passport in your country as the issues comes from Bio-Metric.

Sometimes, it is critical but most of the times, it is easy to solve.

And Demographic Investigation?

It means, you or your address is not verified and it needs to check again!

How to Face Demographic Investigation:

When AFIS issue is solved, then, you have to face Demographic Investigation. For that, you have to take approval of AD/DD from Regional Passport Office (He will sign on the passport Delivery slip). Then, go to Agargaon office (another building) at room 304 for demography and you have to reach there before 3:00PM. At that room, they will check the applicant physically, they may ask some questions/may no ask anything. So, keep present the applicant there. After that, your demographic investigation will be done and you can check your status change instantly.

Then, the application will go for Approval of AD/DD of Regional passport office. If it is approved within two days, it would go for printing. But if it still shows the following message:

“Your application is now pending for AD/DD Approval”

But, if it is delayed there for approval, you may have to go to your regional passport office to make a request for approval of Deputy Director/Assistant Director. There, they will find out the original police verification report and submit it to the table of AD/DD for his approval. Then, the AD/DD may approve the application instantly. Applicant or somebody on behalf of the applicant can do this task easily with the copy of delivery receipt.

After that, it would go for printing. Hope you would get your desired passport within two – three days. Success !

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