Worldwide a concept on Secret Agenda of Depopulation is a very common now after COVID-19 Pandemic. Our Pandemic News Update investigates that there is a rumor on Secret Agenda of Depopulation spreading fast. But why it is happening?

Why people is suspecting on Secret Agenda of Depopulation – Depopulate 95% of the World?

How Governments & the UN are Implementing Secret Agenda of Depopulation  – Agenda 21?

Ms Shoshi Herscu was describing the Secret Depopulation Agenda in his biography.

My name is Shoshi Herscu, and I’m a 47-year old independent journalist from Haifa, Israel. I first became aware of a deadly depopulation and control agenda for humanity a few years ago after finding information about chemtrails, smart meters, and the orchestrated emigration from Africa to Israel, and from the Mideast to Western countries.

For a long time, I had no idea there was any connection between these diverse topics. I was overwhelmed even learning about each of them separately. The most difficult experience during this time was feeling so alone. No one in my surroundings would listen to me – definitely not my family or friends. When I mentioned to my best friends about the phenomenon of ‘chemtrails’, I was ridiculed. However, over time they realised what was happening, and
one day I even overheard a friend explaining to someone else about chemtrails. I felt that this phenomenon was so crazy, and it made me sad and depressed. I didn’t share much about these topics at the beginning.

I couldn’t. I first had to absorb this information and make sense of it. Everything in my reality looked upside down; from that time on, I began to interpret my reality through these filters. After a few months, I began writing about these topics for an Israeli alternative news site and on my blog. I received feedback from many people in Israel – negative, positive, and interested inquiries too. As there was no information about these topics in Hebrew, people were eager to become informed on the subjects. Then, somehow,

I found people who had been researching these topics, and we discussed them, connected the dots, and shared information and our emotional outrage so that we all felt less isolated in general. It was interesting that more people came forward who felt the same as I do – whether in Israel or other countries – on Facebook or in real life, even on the train, at the supermarket or out on the town. In Israel, it’s very common for people to strike spontaneous conversations everywhere, so it made discussing these topics a little easier. Let me start by presenting a little background on this secret depopulation agenda.