Preparation of the Furniture Companies of BD for Upcoming DITF-2014

DITF-2014 is going to be started very soon on 11th January 2014 which is the biggest trade fair in Bangladesh. “DITF” means Dhaka International Trade Fair. Each and every year this fair is held in the Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka. The 19th Dhaka International Trade Fair – 2014 (DITF-2014) was supposed to be started on 1st January 2014 but due to the political situation and national parliamentary election of Bangladesh, it has been rescheduled to 11st January 2014. Normally, Dhaka International Trade Fair is organized by Export Promotion Bureau and the Ministry of Commerce.

In this trade fair, both the overseas as well as local company participate to display and sell their product and service. More than 900 companies or institutes participate in this fair and among them there are about more than 30 furniture companies.

Normally, Hatil Furniture, Partex Furniture, Otobi, Navana Furniture, Brothers Furniture, Akhtar Furnishers, Nadia Furniture, Furnitec Furniture etc good brand furniture companies rent premium pavilion and display wide varieties of furniture design.

All above brand furniture companies have already developed more than 200 new designs in their product line. Some of them are traditional, some are classic and some others are contemporary. But most of the companies are trying to display more contemporary furniture in this DITF-2014 fair since demand of these types of furniture is more now-a-days.

Partex Furniture is going to introduce 5-6 new bedroom sets, 4-5 new dining sets, 6-7 new sofa sets, 4-5 new showcases and about more than 30 new other items in DITF-2014. Most of their designs are contemporary but there are few classic designs also. They have three color options – Mahogany, Classic Walnut and Golden Walnut. They have used Local Mahogany Wood, Treated Mango Wood & North American Red Oak Wood in their new designs separately.

Hatil Furniture has also planned and developed about more than 30 new designs for this fair. But all of their designs are contemporary and made of Red Oak Wood & Veneered MDF. They have three color options – Natural, Dark, Antique.

OTOBI Furniture has developed more than 35 new designs of Furniture for this trade fair. Most of their designs are classic. They are using Teak Wood, Mahogany Wood and Mango Wood for their new designs.

Other than Otobi, Partex and Hatil Furniture, Akhtar, Nadia & Brothers furniture have also developed a lot of new designs. This three furniture companies of Bangladesh prefer classic designs normally.

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