Pressure Treatment Process on Mango Timber and its Benefit

We know mango timber is cheap and usually used as fire wood for cooking in the village area and brick field. For its medium density and juicy quality, it is affected by borer, fungus and weathers away that lessen its durability. But applying some technologies, these problems are removed and the timbers acquire good quality like teak, champ, mahogany etc.

How to conduct pressure treatment process?

In a treatment plant, a large metal tube/cylinder is horizontally set on a tank. There is a trolley which can enter and come out easily from the cylinder loaded with timber. The tank remains under the cylinder full of chemical mixed water. Firstly the timber loaded trolley is entered into the cylinder and closed the door.

Then, it is done vacuum by absorbing air with vacuum pump for some while. After that, chemical mixed water is entered into the tube through a pump and created high pressure. This situation is continued for about 20 minutes. Then, after 20 minutes, the tape (valve) is opened under the cylinder for coming out chemical mixed water to restore into the tank. Finally, the cylinder door is opened and the trolley is brought out and the timbers are stacked for natural drying.

Why Vacuum Pressure into the Cylinder?

To create too high pressure inside the cylinder so that chemical mixed water can enter into the timber core properly, vacuum pressure is created with the help of a vacuum pump.

Benefits of Pressure Treatment on Mango Timber:

Normally, the mango timber has no uses in furniture manufacturing field in the world for its sweet taste. These mango timbers are usually used as firewood in brick field and for cooking food. Some planks of it are used as support of roof lying.  But these timbers’ property can be improved with the help of pressure treatment to use as furniture manufacturing raw material in the furniture manufacturing field. Then, it becomes better timber than teak & oak in some cases. The main advantage of this timber is that it is cheaper than any other wood and it is highly available.

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