Principles of High Frequency Vacuum Dryer

Any process follows a principle. Principle may be differed from process to process. There are several ways of wood drying and there are several principles also for them. You might know about latest wood drying process called High Frequency Vacuum Wood Drying Process. It has completely different principle and it is a fully new theory of wood drying which is 100% reverse of all other wood drying processes like KILN drying, solar wood drying, air drying, hot air drying etc.

Requirements of High Frequency Vacuum Drying:

  • High Frequency Generator
  • Wood Drying Chamber
  • Vacuum Pump

High Frequency Generator:

It is a main and important part of HF Vacuum Dryer. There is a Radio Tube which generates High Frequency Wave (Radio Wave). Radio tube is a sensitive part of high frequency generator.

Wood Drying Chamber:

It is the second important part of High Frequency Wood Dryer. Wood is loaded to the chamber for drying. High frequency wave is passed to that chamber from high frequency generator.

Vacuum Pump:

Vacuum pump is the third important element of the HF vacuum drying. It sucks the moisture of wood during evaporation from wood surface.

Main Principles of High Frequency Vacuum Wood Drying:

High frequency Wave is generated and passed through the Wood Drying Chamber where wood is stacked for drying. Then, High Frequency wave is penetrated into the core of wood and made hot the core of wood (inside of wood). Heat is dissipated to the surface from the core wood accordingly and moisture comes to the surface. 50-70 Degree Centigrade temperature is maintained for wood drying in this case. Temperature depends on following three things:

  • Density of Wood
  • Moisture Content of wood
  • Thickness of Wood

After reaching to the set temperature (50-70) , vacuum pump is on and moisture is sucked from the surface of wood. Thus, wood is dried quickly within 2-5 days depends on Density of Wood, Moisture Content of wood and Thickness of Wood. This is the main principle of High Frequency Vacuum Wood Drying.


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